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Best business partner. hankookshipping.


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Best business partner hankookshipping

05. The company is in preparation for expanding and moving the corporate office/headquarters. The company reorganizes their departments for efficiency purposes and sends employees abroad for overall company development
10. The company secures partnership with countries in South America and several countries in AFRICA.
06. The company adapts its maritime transport management DATA BASE system
09. The company makes a pact agreement with major countries in EUROPE for International and migrant freight transportation and shipments.
08. The company expands its domestic storage warehouse with high-tech equipment and improved facilities.
09. The company represents and makes agreement as a PARTNER in Japan, the People’s Republic of China, and other Asian logistics.
07. The company sponsors the emigration affiliation of COXE, and attends the Study Abroad Expo.
05. The company attends the International Migrant Expo/World and becomes and AGENT PARTNER affiliate.
12. The company builds a domestic unified network system for improving their services.
09. Company successfully relocates overseas expatriates staff from their conglomerate headquarters and dispatches cargo with a full liability insurance coverage service.
07. Signs a significant account contract at a conglomerate company for several clients.
02. The company prides itself in being recognized as an “Overseas Commercial Cargo Export” packaging/handling service provider and patents its company as an International freight forwarder company.
03. Hankookshipping successfully registers its business as a corporation and in July, the corporation becomes a part of the “International and Domestic Packaging/Transport Maritime Insurance” providers.