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Export International Shipping

[1] Quote & Consultation
  • (1) Free Quote/Estimate Survey

    You can get a free quote over the phone toll-free or through our website at via our online quote estimation program.

  • (2) Reservation for an Appointment Consultation

    First, to make a reservation or an appointment, our consultation schedule will be made over the phone or online via email exchanges. Next, we will come visit your home for an in-person survey. Finally, we will consult each client with the following details in person: Schedule, duration of shipment, Customs clearance related matters, packing service, preparation checklist, and anything else related to the in-person survey consultation.

  • (3) In-person Survey

    We will send a sales representative to visit your home to estimate the approximate cargo volume and expected costs of the whole immigration and moving process from the packing procedure to scheduling for the pickup and any other relevant and helpful information to seal the deal with our clients. Please note, at times depending on the destination location and shipment situations, only an approximate estimate of the volume may be determined and the actual costs/prices will be given via online or over the phone for a more specific estimation.

[2] Origin Transport Process
  • (1) Packing & Pickup at the Origin

    Appointment is finalized with our hankookshipping packing team for a pick up date. We use a special material only used for hankookshipping clients and only professional packing team members are chosen for each packing task. Lift-ladders and the elevator is used for loading a shipment if necessary. Our packing team will create a packing list and the filled or shared.

  • (2) Insurance Coverage

    Our clients have the option to arrange their full inusrance coverage (In green color) option with an hankookshipping sales representative.

  • (3) Origin Transport

    After the container is prepared for loading, it is transported to the Incheon/Busan container yard (CY) and prepared for loading unto the departing vessel.

  • (4) Customs Clearance

    Our clients will work with hankookshipping for preparation of all necessary documents (in blue) that is available for Customs clearance: A copy of your passport, a copy of the visa status, the packing list, invoice, and any other documents necessary for export.

  • (5) Lading the vessel

    All of our shipments for export are reserved on an appointed vessel for delivery preparation.

[3] Maritime/Vessel Transport Procedure
  • (1) Shipment is laden and prepared for delivery.
  • (2) hankookshipping gives our clients the option through a (Tracking System) to check the shipment status.
  • (3) Estimated duration for transit time based on destinations (Vessel Transportation)

    US (Los Angeles) : Approximately 11 - 13 days
    US (New York) : Approximately 22 - 24 days
    Canada (Vancouver) : Approximately 14 - 15 days
    Canada (Toronto) : Approximately 21 - 23 days
    New Zealand : Approximately 17 - 20 days
    England (Europe) : Approximately 30 - 40 days
    Middle East : Approximately 35 - 45 days
    Africa : Approximately 35 - 45 days

[4] Destination Delivery Process
  • (1) Arrival Notification.

    hankookshipping and our appointed agent will receive a pre-alert notification.

  • (2) Import Customs Clearance.

    Our client and a hankookshipping representaive will prepare the necessary documents for import Customs clearance purposes.

  • (3) Destination Delivery

    After the completion of Customs clearance, the container or truck will prepare for delivery to the home destination
    Door Service Progress (Each shipment varies based on the agreement made with the client)
    After the completion of the services, our client will receive a confirmation of delivery receipt
    Upon delivery of your shipment, our client will check for any missing or damaged items for making an insurance claim if necessary
    hankookshipping will at times provide a complimentary gift as an appreciation through our website

Import Shipment into Korea

[1] Import Shipment Process
  • (1) Packing & International Delivery

    Our International logistics representative will work for the comfort and convenience of each client emigrating or returning into Korea. After consultation with the contracted cargo agent overseas, our local hankookshipping representative will make a visit to your home for a quotation and volume in which our appointed partner agent will then arrange for delivery to.

  • (2) Pre-delivery Insurance coverage

    We will apply for your insurance coverage and one of our representatives at hankookshipping will follow through with more information regarding the full coverage options for all International shipments.

  • (3) Arrival Notification

    where is my vessel and what is my status hankookshipping will provide alert notifications in advance and inform any details about the vessel and shipment status.International shipments will all enter into Busan or Incheon port

  • (4) Inbound Customs clearance

    Our client and hankookshipping will prepare Customs clearance related documents preparation.All International shipment will enter into Incheon or Busan port

  • (5) Home delivery

    After the shipment is cleared through Customs and if any necessary quarantine or inspections are completed, the client is notified by email or a phone call. Depending on the arrangement of Door service / Full setting service, the shipment will be unloaded at the home destination.

[2] Customs clearance
  • (1) Preparation before Customs Clearance

    Before the cargo arrives at the port, we will provide the estimated date of arrival and notify the client for any additional necessary documents for Customs clearance.
    All required documents will be sent to us either via fax +82 2 372 8007 our email address of your representative or our general email address.

  • (2) Once the shipment arrives

    After the port clearance, the container will be moved to the Customs center and their warehouse for the next step.

  • (3) Preparing for Customs clearance

    Preparation of papers and compiling all documents from our partner is our main priority. Our client and hankookshipping will prepare any documents from our overseas partners and any additional documents for Customs clearance purposes (a Customs broker will be accepted at the Customs center in South Korea).

  • (4) Completion of Customs clearance

    If there are no delays or issues at Customs, the final procedure is paying for any Customs related fees and the shipment will be delivered upon client’s requested date and time for delivery.Please note, Customs can delay or hold a shipment if there are any documents missing or delays due to the failure of Customs related matters.

[3] Additional requirement for Customs clearance
  • A client’s cargo must arrive within 6 months, so it is declared as an import shipment for Customs related purposes.

    Import International Shipping Requirements

  • (1) Shipper

    As a Korean national, one needs to have stayed for more than a year in a foreign country as a resident, and must be a returning client.
    A permanent resident from abroad and foreigners planning on living in South Korea must live for more than a year as a resident.

  • (2) Co-shipper

    Korean national family member in a foreign country as a resident for more than six months, and for someone who is returning home.
    A permanent resident abroad (including the foreign citizenship earner) family member(s) planning on living for more than 6 months in Korea as aimed to return to home country.

  • (3) Single or temporary residence status

    A Korean national who has stayed abroad for more than three months in a foreign country, and who has lived less than six months after returning to South Korea.
    As a foreigner in Korea and permanent residence status and someone who is planning on living for more than 3 months and less than one year in Korea.

[4] Automobile Customs Information
  • (1) Vehicle Customs Clearance Requirement
    Classification Shipper Cosigner Single or temporary residence status
    Tax/Duty VAT Tax/Duty VAT Tax/Duty VAT
    Domestic Vehicle Exempt Exempt Exempt Exempt Taxed Taxed
    Foreign Vehicle Taxed Taxed Taxed Taxed Not allowed for shipment
  • (2) Required Documents

    These are general documents and there might be additional documents the client might need to file with Customs center for eligibility requirements: a copy or original passport, proof of car insurance, vehicle registration, title of the vehicle.

  • (3) Vehicle Customs related pre-alert notification

    In each country, the guidelines may vary, but you will need to verify the vehicle registration, the car title, and any other documents necessary for Customs clearance or the vehicle will be released as an import cargo vehicle.
    The vehicle must be noted in the import declaration form and all accompanying family members who are confirmed and/or added in the vehicle registration.
    If you are importing more than 2 cars, only one vehicle is moved to the article and acknowledged as a personal effects and the others will be considered an imported regular cargo shipment.
    For more information regarding automobile related Customs clearance and foreign car tax calculations, please refer to the links below.
    - Customs Clearance for Vehicle Link :
    - Vehicle Tax Calculation Link :