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Exhibition Freight

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Exhibition Freight

[1] Exhibition Freight
We at hankookshipping will bring the highest quality service for shipping exhibitions with great customer satisfaction.

  •   Inform exhibition shipment related information and full consultation service support.
      We will provide quality packing service domestically and top notch quality shipping and delivery for exhibit shipments.
      Safe and reliable service.
      Transportation tracking/scheduling service to cater towards our client’s needs for air and vessel shipments.
      Efficient and safe transportation to the Exhibition hall destination.
      Exhibition installation and exhibition booth managerial director are also available along with our services.
      Safe and easy return process for exhibition.
      Import Customs clearance and pick up service upon completion of the exhibit
[2] Art Exhibit
We believe in time-efficiency, reliability, and safety for expensive and valuable shipments like art gallery shipments. We will work according to your schedule and time for pickup and delivery of your art exhibit cargo shipment.

  •   Overseas Exhibitions & Art Fair Transportation.
      Specialist Packing Service for Art and Installation Equipment.
      Forwarding Air Freight, Marine/Vessel Freight Shipment.
      Transportation (Semiconductors tools, machinery, advanced equipments shipped with non-vibration land transport)
      (Import & Export)
[3] Performance equipment
Classical music, musical, theatre, invited performers from around the world invited to tour the show due to the tight time more quickly and accurately to your destination venues have to ship up to three because it is badly managed.

  • Preparation for a classical music performance, musical, theater, inviting global performers, and other performances require a lot of work, effort, and time-management. We will make certain to transport and install all the stage performance equipment, preparation materials, tools, and other machinery.