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Immigration/Study Abroad

  •   It is a pleasure to be able to work along with you for your potential shipment for immigration and studying abroad.
      We will provide you the best and most reliable service for you.
      We will also give you an experience and memories along with your shipment to your new destination.
      Our hankookshipping team and colleagues are composed of members who have immigrated or studied abroad. We have former employee's or someone who has study abroad experiences that we can share if you would like for us to advise and give guidance about the whole immigration process and anything related to the transportation service. We are willing to help you meet your new goals and help you a little bit along the path to your future and the adventures that will go along with your shipment.

Sojourning Employees/Contractors

  •   We tailor to the uniqueness of the expatriates and contractors and give quality service that will be successfully met for each client.
      Contractors abroad have made a life-changing decision to work in their field in a foreign land and we are going to continue in successfully support them in their return to their new destination.
      We will also give you an experience and memories along with your shipment to your new destination.
      Our International team will work hand-in-hand with companies and contractors comprising from small to large corporations and we want to be an addition to getting the positive response and encouragement for more expatriates and contractors to work along with us.


  •   We at hankookshipping will assume responsibility for our diplomats with safety and top notch quality service.
      The Republic of Korea appreciates the services that you have given to your country and abroad. We at hankookshipping will give you a complete, accurate, and comfortable service with ease and a peace of mind.